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Whatever this is.

Episode 1. Reality

Episode one of the web series, Whatever this is.

Keep up with the show at and!

• Episode 2, “Westchester,” is here:
• Episode 3, “Ghost Cheaters,” is here:
• Episode 4, “Business,” is here:
• Episode 5, “Nature,” is here:
• Episode 6, “Broke,” is here:

From the creators of “The Outs,” “Whatever this is.” follows Sam (Hunter Canning) and Ari (Dylan Marron), who are scraping by working on low-pay video production gigs focused on a variety of unsavory, fame-seeking subjects. A chance encounter puts Sam’s girlfriend Lisa (Madeline Wise) on the road to a possible summer job, but she’s not sure where it could lead—or if she’s really qualified.




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